Spirit Guidance

Many people say we can EXPECT the Spirit to guide us by telling us directly what to do.

In this regard, Josh Etter quotes Martin Lloyd Jones (MLJ), without comment, at:

Much as I respect MLJ, he is here making the mistake of not distinguishing between descriptive and prescriptive text. Descriptive text simply says what happened. Prescriptive text says what we should do or should expect as normal.

MLJ is looking at the incident described in Acts 8:26 where Philip is told by the Spirit to go to Gaza. MLJ argues that because this happened to Philip, we should expect it to happen to us. However, in verse 39, it appears that Philip is teleported by the Spirit, and no one seems to say this is what we should normally expect to happen, so why take verse 26 this way? God can do, and may do these things, but the text doesn’t say he ALWAYS does these things, or that we can even expect that he will ever do them again.

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