What should be the Christian attitude to modern Jews?

To answer this question about Jews today, our attitude should be the same as Paul’s. He was in sorrow and anguish in his heart because of their unbelief (Rom 9:2; 10:1). They have a great heritage (Rom 9:4-5; 11:28-29) and are zealous (Rom 10:2). But not all physical descendants of Jacob are true Israel (Rom 9:6-7), and only a remnant will be saved (Rom 9:27 quoting Isa 10:22; Rom 11:5). This is because they are following a works based religion (Rom 9:32; 10:3-4). However, they, like the Gentiles, will be saved if they call on the name of the Lord Jesus (Rom 10:12-13; 11:23-24). In fact, because of their heritage, they are already far along the path to understanding the gospel, if their hearts are softened (Rom 11:23-24).

So, let’s pray for them, let’s seek justice for them, but let’s not be deceived that they are especially God’s people today, just because they may be descended from Judah, Benjamin or Levi (the only tribes that were left). God is obviously working out his purposes through them, and I pray that this will mean a great harvest among them. However, prophecies are notoriously difficult to interpret prior to the fact, so I take people’s attempts to interpret what is going to happen in the near future with a grain of salt.

To probably be controversial, when we “pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” (Psalm 122:6) we are, today, praying for the peace of God’s people – the church. Some of those people are physically located within the nation of Israel, but not all, some are even located in your locality!

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