Leitner E-Bike LCD Panel Control

Having recently bought some Leitner Libelle’s, and not finding this information anywhere else (including in their manuals), I thought I would document my findings here:

These instructions apply to the Leitner Libelle, and presumably also for the Venice, Berlin, Milan, Tirol, SuperT, CrossX with LCD Display – WITH speedometer. It may also apply to the Electric Fat Bike.


Push and hold the “+” button on the display to toggle on or off.


Push “M” button briefly to cycle through options:

ODO: Odometer – total distance travelled.

TRIP: distance travelled in one trip – to reset to zero push and hold “M” and “‐” button.


Push and hold “M” & “+” to cycle through the options:

AVG, MAX, (current – blank)

Start (at 6km/h)

Use with care! Push and hold “-”


Push and hold “+” and “-”

Press “M” to move to the next item

Use “+” and “-” to cycle up or down through the options

Wheel size: 16in, 18in, 20in, 22in, 24in, 26in, 700cm?

Top speed: 25, 40

Backlight brightness:1 (default), 2, 3 (brightest)

Units: k/h

Press and hold “M” to exit setup

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