VLC Setup for output to projector using extended desktop


Ever since V3 of VLC, this doesn’t work as well as it used to do.

The object is to use VLC with the output going to the projector or second screen, using extended desktop:

On VLC, under Tools/ Preferences (Ctrl P):

Select Show settings All
Under Video,
deselect Show media title on video

deselect Fullscreen video output (so that it can be moved to the correct display)

Under Playlist,
select Play and stop

Save and go back to Show settings Simple

Under Interface, deselect “Integrate video in interface”
Select “Show controls in full screen mode”

Under Video,
deselect fullscreen
select window decorations
select DirectX output
select Display device “\\.\DISPLAY2″ (though this doesn’t seem to do anything anymore)

Save and restart VLC

When you start vlc, you will then have to move the output window to the correct display, and then press f (for fullscreen)

If you end up with a pink screen , it may be necessary to go to Video, and switch off “Accelerated video output (Overlay)”

4 thoughts on “VLC Setup for output to projector using extended desktop

  1. Hello,
    This works excellently well in a very professional manner.

    – Do you the way to way to hide White coloured Play and Pause icon that appears in Display2, while using the shortcut: “Spacebar”

    – Can we display on both the displays ?

    – Video frame gets dis-aligned when track changes, I think using “f” should fix this but does not appear good in live


    • Jack, I am sorry I don’t know the answers to your questions. Having to play with “f” is quite a pain, and also wide screen videos don’t work well either. Hopefully these will be fixed sometime soon.

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