The Basis of Our Confidence

You are no doubt familiar with the story of the exodus. The Israelites were in captivity in Egypt, and had cried out to the Lord for rescue.

God sent Moses to help, and so he confronted Pharaoh, telling him of God’s command to let his people go. However, Pharaoh resisted the call, so God sent a series of plagues, each one worse than the previous, but still Pharaoh resisted, so God told him, through Moses, that there would be a final terrible plague.

The first born of every family would die!

However, for the Israelites, who were living in area of Goshen, God had told them, that if they killed a lamb and painted their doorposts with the blood, no death would enter their houses. This is the origin of the Passover, when the Angel of Death passed over the Israelite’s houses.

That gives the background for this video. Its an excerpt from a talk given by Don Carson at the Bethlehem 2016 Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders.

In that video, Don said:

death doesn’t pass over them on the ground of the intensity, or the clarity, of the faith exercised. But on the ground of the blood of the lamb. That’s what silences the accuser.

We might have our doubts, we might sadly slip into sin, but Jesus is the fulfilment of the Passover and he is the perfect Passover lamb. Because of the trustworthiness of Jesus, we can be confident in our forgiveness, our adoption as children of God, and our inheritance of eternal life in glory.

And why can we be so confident? Because it all depends on him, and his shed blood!

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