The God who is actually there

Some people say they don’t believe in God because he ordered the massacre of the Amalekites, or he has outdated moral values, or because someone close died.

We all have an idea of what we would like God to be like.  The trouble with that is, if we manufacture a god that conforms to what we want, that is just making a false idol, whether out of stone or wood or in our heads.

Similarly, we all have an idea of what we would like the policeman to be like who pulls us over for speeding.
We’d like them to be the one who pings everyone else for speeding, but lets us off with a caution.
But that’s not how it actually is – we have to deal with the policeman who is actually there.
Same as with God, we have to deal with God as he is, not how we would like him to be.
That can be a scary and confronting issue, but one we still have to deal with.
However, when we get to know him, we find that he is not so bad after all – he does what he does for very good and loving reasons, and if we come before the God who is actually there, we will find peace and security and rest for our souls.

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