The regenerated Kevin Rudd and Marriage

Now we have a regenerated Kevin Rudd, we have the first PM who is in favour of same sex marriage.

Apparently Kevin came to the realisation a little while ago that he had been wrong on this topic.

But was he wrong?  Many have the view that to oppose same sex marriage is to be against ideals such as equality and human rights.  However the truth is different, my opposition is based on love.

God’s love.

God does not forbid sexual immorality because he wants us to be miserable. God forbids it because sexual immorality leads to brokenness, sadness, emptiness, death, and hell, despite all the claims to the contrary.

The Sexual Revolution has not given us love, security, pleasure and delight.  Instead it has resulted in single parent families and absent fathers, leading to poor outcomes for children – the adults of today and tomorrow.  Same sex marriage will only result in the further debasement of marriage and families, and further misery for children affected by it.

True marriage provides the most fulfilling sexual experience and can deliver it for decades.  God does not forbid sexual immorality because he wants us to be miserable, on the contrary, it is because he wants us to enjoy sex to the max!

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