Our God is a strong fortress

I have always liked Martin Luther’s famous hymn “Ein Feste Burg” – I even have the tune as my mobile Ring Tone. However, the translations around are getting rather dated, and when we sing it, people have difficulty understanding what the words mean. Not having found a recent translation, I thought I would have a go myself. The result is below. I have tried to be as faithful to Luther’s original as possible while using modern wording. Feel free to use it for any non commercial purposes, or make any helpful suggestions.

Our God is a strong fortress, a good defense and weapon.
He breaks us free from every fight and Satan’s opposition.
That ancient enemy,
Has planned his anarchy;
Great might and deceptive ways,
Are weapons that he plays,
On earth he has no equal.

With our own strength we cannot win; we soon would be defeated.
But for us fights the righteous one, who God himself appointed.
Who is this man, you ask?
Christ Jesus has the task;
The Lord of every force,
He is our God of course.
He will not be defeated.

If the world were full of devils, all wanting to devour us,
We still would not be afraid, success would still be ours.
The prince of this universe,
May deliver us his curse,
But his power is restrained:
His judgement is ordained.
One little word will defeat him.

Despite the world’s best effort, the Word of God is with us,
He’s by our side all the time, with his good gifts and Spirit,
And though they take our life,
Goods, fame, children, wife.
Though all these they devour
They’ve not gained in this hour
The kingdom is eternal.

© Copyright 2012

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