The Problem of the existence of the Universe

  1. If there is no God, no external source of energy or creative power in the Universe, then it follows that:
  2. The Universe must have always existed
  3. If the Universe has always existed then one of the following must be true:
    1. The Universe is in a steady state. For this to be true, there can be nothing happening in the Universe, which is not true, as we see things moving and decaying etc. Thus this is not a possibility.
    2. The Universe is decaying. For this to be true, the Universe must have had a starting point, which goes against our initial assumption.
    3. The Universe is oscillating. For this to be true, then the Universe must be in perpetual motion, which goes against the Laws of Thermodynamics concerning increasing Entropy in a closed system.
The only solution to this is that there is a God!

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