The Problem of the Existence of Suffering

Many people use the argument that the existence of suffering in this world proves that there is no loving Creator God.

On one athiest website, the author argued that no parent should need to bury their child. And the fact that this occured proved that there is no God.

I would like to suggest that no one should have to bury anyone. Death in any form is horrible. It is not how things should be.

The Bible also tells us that in actual fact that this is God's view on things as well! He designed a perfect world, where there was no suffering, no evil, and no death. However, man decided to rebel against his Creator, and the chaos that we see is the result. Of the various ways I have seen that attempt to make sense of what we see around us, the beauty and love and yet the hate and pain, only the Bible's answer makes the grade. Man's rebellion against his Creator, either directed towards God himself, or our fellow man, is the reason that suffering exists in this world, whether via a tsunami or from a drunken brawl.

God has a plan to finally end all the pain and suffering in this world. He will finally bring a new heaven and a new earth, where there will be no more crying and no more pain. However, all who reject his authority will be excluded, only those who acknowledge his sovereignty will be invited to populate the new earth, the others, by their own choice, will be excluded.

Where you spend eternity is up to you!

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